It’s…not actually that exciting a story, actually. One of the rules of being part of King Dedede’s army is that you have to have a weapon. (Some Waddle Dees took that rule a bit…weirdly and started using umbrellas, would you believe! Well, I guess they hurt if you slam them down on someone hard enough…)

Uh, this is kinda embarrassing, but the only one I could handle was the spear, due to its light weight and easy manoe…er…manoeuvrability. I didn’t really start practising it until all this happened.

Hmmm, that’s kinda difficult to answer! I guess the first place to start with is the spear itself. You gotta make sure it’s got the right weight and balancing for you! I mean, you’re going to be swinging it around a lot- you don’t want it to be too heavy, but you don’t want it to be too light either (as you don’t want to end up, er, overshooting the mark).

The only other tip I can give you is to make sure to work on your agility and strength. They’re both important if you want to use a spear! Oh, and make sure you practise a lot!

Where’s my spear, anyway? It’d be nice if you could see what I’m talking about…

I’d like them back.

…unfortunately for me, I don’t quite possess the sugoi-ness necessary to skip school. So updates will be (le gasp) even more erratic than they already are. I’ll work something out, though.

Nyaw, you’re making me blush!


((Going to temporarily shut down the asking- I have a lot of questions already piled up which all need answering (even some from a month or two ago, oops). Sorry about any inconvenience!

Also, I may start posting non-ask themed stuff just to brighten the blog up a bit~))

Somehow, I think that’s a bad idea.

Normal Meta Knight is intimidating enough anyway, never mind the dark version…

That’s really not a nice thing to do!

I’m back to normal now?

Hehe, finally!

Hmm, I’ll give it a go!

…I think I’m just going to leave it to the professional.

Well, at least I can practise those cute expressions…

…maaaybe not.

100+ followers!

Haha, thanks! ^w^

Speaking of follows…

I can’t believe I missed the 100 mark, though…

((I’m surprised I’ve got this many! But anyway, a big THANK YOU to all of you who decided to follow! I still have a lot to do but don’t worry- I’ll answer every question eventually!))